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Purchase an access plan and get access within 24 hours. Download the courseware and a preconfigured pentesting machine.


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Study the courseware carefully and get ready to enter the labs to hack your way into 50+ lab machines.


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Write your report and earn the 2 available VHL Certificates of Completion. (Basic & Advanced+)

Who is the course for?

  • Penetration Testers
  • Network Administrators
  • Security Professionals
  • Software engineers
  • Web Developers
  • Security Consultants
  • Starters in IT (security)

VHL Beginner/Advanced

  • 50+ Lab Machines
  • Courseware online & download
  • Basic Certificate of Completion
  • Advanced+ Certificate of Completion
  • Regular Updates
  • Beginner Friendly

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Certificate of Completion Beginner
Certificate of Completion Advanced+


  • 25+ Lab Machines
  • 250 Pages New Courseware
  • 2 Network Labs with Active Directory
  • Advanced+ 2 Certificate of Completion
  • Regular Updates
  • Recommended for Advanced+ Certificate Holders

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Certificate of Completion Advanced+ 2

Network Lab

4 Lab Machines

Network Lab

5 Lab Machines

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"The VHL labs are a must for any infosec professional. They include real world scenarios and do a great job at pushing the student to advance their skills. This is done through manual exploitation and building a good foundation to develop your own pen-testing methodologies. I used the entire lab for OSCP prep and I am pleased with the results so far!

P.S I really did enjoy the real world scenarios over a CTF-ish environment."

John B

"The Course is Awesome, labs are very stable and consistent simulate very well a real world. I learned a lot with the course material and lab machines, another thing all course content is covered in lab machines. Very recommended do this course."


"I signed up for 30 days, completed 19 machines, and then signed up for another 30 days to not only finish my last machine, but eventually earn the Advanced + certification. I could not be happier! I had zero technical issues with the labs and everything went as planned. I am now equivocally more prepared for OSCP PWK!"


"My journey in this program was of great learning. Every box has a teaching for students to learn. In the lab, I came across fully patched boxes that could only be compromised because of a vulnerable application. This is something that can be seen in the real world. The content of the material was solid and clear which is great for newcomers. With this clearness, I was able to understand topics that were for me to grasp.

Big thanks for this training!"

Ricardo Calderon

"My experience with VHL over the last month was truly amazing. I learned more in the last 31 days then I have in quite some time. The coursework was very informative and taught me a ton. The hands on experience I gained is invaluable and has opened my eyes to many new things. I hope to one day try some more labs and try for the Advanced+ certificate. Again, I am truly grateful and happy to have chosen VHL labs."


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Latest News

VHL Certification

At the Virtual Hacking Labs you start working on your certification from the moment you access the first page of courseware and the online lab environment. All certification requirements to obtain your VHL Certificate of Completion are performed during your active membership. With VHL, you can work on your certification at your own pace, at the time and place that suits you best.

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Networking & Shells Update

Today we updated and revised Chapter 9 of the VHL course material: Networks & Shells. This chapter is about initiating reverse shells and binding shells after obtaining code execution on a target. In this chapter you will learn various methods to initiate a reverse shell, mainly using tools already present on the target host, such as Bash, PowerShell, cmd.exe and various scripting and programming languages.

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New Location: Sydney, Australia

Soon we will be launching a new data center location for the PT01 Penetration Testing course in Sydney, Australia. Customers from countries in the Pacific region, such as Australia and New Zealand, will be able to benefit from the lowest possible latency with the PT01 lab environment.

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What access passes are available for the Virtual Hacking Labs?

We provide 5 VHL membership passes: a month pass, 3 month pass, 6 month pass and a year pass. Have a look in our shop for an overview of all access passes.

Whats the target audience?

The Virtual Hacking Labs are for beginners and experts who want to learn and practice penetration testing in an easy accessible virtual lab environment. For anyone that is new to the subject of penetration testing we provide a tailored courseware manual that covers all subjects from the basics to help you with your first steps towards becoming a penetration tester. Seasoned experts will find challenges in our state of the art lab environment with vulnerable by design Windows, Linux & Android machines.

Does every VHL membership include courseware?

Yes, all VHL memberships include access to all aspects of our penetration testing course. This includes access to the courseware, online penetration testing lab, a personal reset panel and the lab dashboard that can be used for hints and progress tracking.

What will be in the virtual hacking labs?

The virtual hacking labs contain over 50 custom vulnerable hosts to practice penetration testing techniques. The labs contain multiple Windows, Linux, Android machines with recently discovered vulnerabilities and older common vulnerabilities. We are constantly in the process of updating the labs with new machines vulnerable to recent discoveries.

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