4 weeks of Virtual Hacking Labs

Today it has been 4 weeks since the official launch of the Virtual Hacking Labs. In the last 4 weeks we’ve had the honour to welcome the first students in the Virtual Hacking Labs. We are very excited to see that the hacking labs have drawn attention from both beginners and experts in the field of penetration testing.

We also appreciate the positive feedback we’ve got from both groups. Where expert penetration testers generally advance through the labs from day 1 of their subscription, the students less familiar with pentesting are taking their time to go through the courseware first. We were glad to help out a few beginners with the first steps in the field of penetration testing and rooting the first machines in the lab network on their own. This also resulted in some useful feedback that we can use to improve the penetration testing course. Another thing that we’ve excited about is that the number of students is growing every day.

Are you also a student of VHL new to penetration testing and looking for contact with other students? Send us an e-mail with your student ID or order number and we’ll try to arrange this.

VHL Roadmap

Currently we are working on a roadmap for the Virtual Hacking Labs which we will published in July. The VHL Roadmap will contain a rough planning for everything that we hope to accomplish this year and the years to following. Expect the roadmap to contain new developments such as new hacking courses and labs. In the upcoming month we will proceed on improving the penetration testing courseware. The planned improvements generally consist of updating and revising the current courseware and writing new chapters. At this moment we’re working on additional chapters for the web application and networking chapters.

Do you have any ideas for improvement or anything we should consider in our roadmap? Please let us know and use the contact form to send us a message.

VHL Infrastructure

Another important aspect of the services we provide is the infrastructure that the Virtual Hacking Labs are build on. Performance, uptime and maintainability of components all contribute to the user experience. Therefore we’re constantly monitoring all components in the Virtual Hacking Labs network. The results will be used for improvement in order to guarantee a performing lab with the best possible uptime.

Free Penetration Testing Course Sample

Not a student of VHL yet? Request a free penetration testing course sample and try before you buy! We provide a free penetration testing course sample to anyone that is interested in the Virtual Hacking Labs and the penetration testing course. The free course sample contains information about the course, labs and 2 chapters from the original courseware. By filling out the form with your name and e-mail address we will immediately sent a download link for the course sample to your e-mail address. Didn’t receive the sample within a few minutes? Please check your spam folder before contacting us.

If you have more questions about the courseware or the labs you can also check out the lab page and the FAQ section. Still didn’t find the information that you are looking for? Contact us via this contact form or Twitter and we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.