First VHL Certificate of Completion awarded!

We are happy to announce that we have issued the first VHL Certificate of Completion! The VHL Certificate of Completion is awarded to those who managed to successfully compromise at least 20 vulnerable machines on the lab network and supply proof in the form of a report. We want to congratulate Sergio Romero (@romerosergio) for rooting 21 lab machines in a relatively short period of time and submitting a detailed report documenting the progress in the labs. We were also enlightened to see that Sergio has found some clever alternative ways to root some of the lab machines. The completion of the VHL penetration testing course qualified for 40 CPE credits to maintain ISC2 and EC-Council certifications.

Certificate of Completion

Will you be the next person to complete the Virtual Hacking Labs? To be eligible for the VHL Certificate of Completion you have to:

  • Purchase a month pass or greater.
  • Get root access on at least 20 lab machines.
  • Supply documentation of the exploited vulnerabilities.
  • Supply screenshots of the exploitation process.
  • Supply the contents of key.txt files from the lab machines.

In the meanwhile we’ve issued more certificates of completion and a few other students are close to completing the labs. Will you be the next student to complete the Virtual Hacking Labs course? Would you like to have your review published on the review page? Please let us know by filling out the contact form.

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