Lab Update: 6 WEB01-Dev V2

Today we’ve updated lab machine 6 WEB01-Dev to V2 on all the Virtual Hacking Labs lab environments as part of the VHL 2022 Lab Refresh. The V2 version of this advanced level machine is now available on all lab environments and the lab dashboard.

What has changed?

The original 6 WEB01-Dev lab machine was introduced at the start of the Virtual Hacking Labs platform and could therefore use an update. For this lab machine we have updated the OS to mitigate a range of kernel vulnerabilities and also a few vulnerabilities affecting a large number of Linux distros (such as CVE-2021-4034). The intended privilege escalation path has been replaced by a new privilege escalation vector.

What about the VHL Certificate of Completion?

It does not matter which version you submit in your report for the VHL Certificate of Completion, this can be the old version 1 or the new version 2 of 6 WEB01-Dev. If you have already completed the old version of this machine you can complete it again if you like, but it is not mandatory.

Which Lab machine is next?

The next lab machine to get a refresh is 35 – CMS02 which is an Advanced+ machine. We expect version 2 of this machine to be launched on all VHL lab environments at the beginning of August 2022.