New Lab Machine: 156 PM

Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve added the last new machine for 2017 to the virtual hacking labs. This machine is named ‘PM’, is rated as an Advanced+ machine and is available on all lab environments as of today. Lab machines in the Advanced+ category are specifically aimed at those who have completed the beginner and regular advanced machines and seek a challenge in some harder machines without hints. Are you ready for a challenge and will you be the first to root machine 156 – PM? We know this box won’t go down without a fight!

Virtual Hacking Labs Update

The following new machine will be added to the labs in early 2018. In the meanwhile we will be working on extending the current courseware, challenging lab machines and a VHL roadmap for 2018 that will be published next year. In this roadmap we will lay out some of our plans for extending VHL in 2018. In the last couple months we’ve received a lot of positive feedback, suggestions and feature requests from many students to improve our platform for which we are deeply grateful. Some of them could be implemented on a very short term, such as the hint panel and progress tracking, while others take more time to implement and will be part of future updates. More about future plans in a couple weeks!