New Lab Machine: 235 Trace

Today we’ve added a new Windows machine to the Virtual Hacking Labs and the machine is named Trace. Trace is rated as an Advanced+ machine and is specifically designed to practice with testing and exploiting vulnerabilities in Windows 10, Microsoft IIS and ASP.NET applications.

VHL Advanced+ Certificate of Completion

To be eligible for the ‘VHL Certificate of Completion’ you have to supply proof of 20 compromised lab machines from the Beginner and Advanced category in the form of a lab report. After completing the first round of beginner/advanced machines you’re ready to take up a new challenge: The advanced+ machines. The Advanced+ machines are more challenging in terms of difficulty and might require additional research on topics that are not covered in the courseware. Compromising these machines not only involves exploiting known vulnerabilities but also attacking custom (web) applications, exploiting custom vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

At this moment we’re working on a number of new Advanced+ machines for the new ‘VHL Advanced+ Certificate of Completion’ from which Trace is the second machine. This certificate of completion will be issued to everyone who has rooted a number of Advanced+ machines on the VHL labs and supplies documentation as proof. More information about the ‘VHL Advanced+ Certificate of Completion’ and the requirements will be published on the website shortly.

Do you already have the VHL Certificate of Completion and can’t wait until the VHL Advanced+ Certificate of Completion is released? Start rooting Advanced+ machines now, document your progress and request the certificate as soon as it’s released!