New Lab Machine: 241 Mon01

Today we have completed the roll-out of a new lab machine across all lab environments which makes the total number of lab machines 40. The new machine is called Mon01 and is classified as an Advanced + machine. Furthermore, Mon01 is the first lab machine in a new subnet that we will expand in the upcoming weeks and months with a number of new lab machines. The IP range of the new subnet can be found on the lab dashboard and reset panel.

Certificate of Completion: Advanced+

Contrary to earlier reports, we have decided to award the VHL Certificate of Completion: Advanced+ to anyone who has completed at least 10 Advanced+ machines on the current lab network and has manually rooted 2 additional machines without the use of automated tools (such as Metasploit) or publicly available scripts. The Advanced+ machines are generally the more difficult lab machines for which we have no hints available in the lab dashboard. You will have to root these independently and you will probably have to research external sources too to successfully root the Advanced+ machines. The VHL Certificate of Completion: Advanced+ is part of all VHL memberships of 1 month and longer. In the upcoming days we will announce the exact requirements for this certificate of completion in the courseware.

The Windows Active Directory labs will be launched as a separate course and lab later this year.

The next new lab machine is scheduled for later this month.