New Lab Machine: 35 CMS02

Today we’ve introduced a new machine to the Virtual Hacking Labs. We’ve named this machine ‘CMS02’ and it has been rated as an Advanced+ machine. CMS02 is now available on all labs, reset panels and is added to the lab dashboard so you can upgrade your progress on the VHL course after you’ve rooted this box. As this is an Advanced+ machine you won’t find hints for this box on the lab dashboard, but, when you’ve completed the Beginner and Advanced lab machines, you should be ready to take up the challenge.

Advanced+ Certificate of Completion

In the 1-year anniversary post we’ve mentioned that we’ll be introducing the VHL Advanced+ Certificate of Completion in 2018. Unfortunately, the introduction of this certificate is delayed as we’re still working on additional labs and courseware for this certificate. The new labs will be based on Windows only machines with a focus on objective based Active Directory pentesting. The expected release date at this moment is at the end of Q4 2018.