New Lab Machine: 77 Natural

Today we’ve introduced a new machine to the Virtual Hacking Labs. We’ve named this machine ‘Natural’ and it has been classified as a regular advanced machine. Natural is now available on all labs, reset panels and is added to the lab progress page. We’ve also added a few hints to the lab page to help you move forward if you’re stuck at this machine. Advanced machines on the Virtual Hacking Labs require multiple steps to get root/administrator access which is also the case for Natural. Generally advanced machines require you to exploit one or more vulnerabilities to get a limited shell on the machine and then perform privilege escalation techniques to upgrade your shell with root privileges. Unless you’re an experienced expert, we recommend to attempt this and other advanced machines after finishing the courseware and beginner machines.

New Lab Machines

We are working hard to provide regular updates for the VHL labs and courseware to keep it challenging for all new and existing students. We’ve created this machine as part of a new series of advanced machines that will replace some of the existing machines on the lab network. With these new machines we’re aiming to keep the labs actual with recent vulnerabilities and cover a wider range of vulnerabilities and attack vectors for you to explore. In the upcoming weeks we will mark the machines that will be replaced with a retirement date on the lab progress page. At the retirement date the machines will be removed from the labs, reset panels and the lab progress page. If you already compromised one or more marked machines, or root them while they’re marked, you can still submit them in your report for the Certificate of Completion.

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