New Lab Machine: 88 Webadmin

Today we have launched the first new lab machine for 2019 which is now available on all labs. The machine is called 88 Webadmin and is classified as an Advanced+ machine. Furthermore, we want to mention that this machine has dependencies with other lab machines, so it’s not possible to root it directly. To obtain initial access to Webadmin, you will have to perform various post-exploitation techniques on 1 of the 3 Windows lab machines that have dependencies with Webadmin. You can find out which machines they are along with some other information on the lab dashboard.

Lab updates

Furthermore, we have rolled out a number of other updates and fixes on the lab environments. These updates range from complete machine updates with new vulnerabilities, such as for machine 113 Anthony V2, to small (performance) fixes for a number of other machines.

The next new lab machine is scheduled for February 27, 2019.