Reset Panel & Lab Refresh 2022

This week we replaced the reset panel on all Virtual Hacking Labs lab environments. We have improved the appearance, added a function to switch between dark and light mode and you can now see if and which new lab machines will be added soon to the lab environment in the ‘Coming soon’ section at the bottom of the reset panel page.

Updated reset panel.

Lab Refresh 2022

At the moment we are also working on a refresh of the current lab environment, mainly for the VHL Lab machines that have been around for a while.  We will be updating, patching and redesigning these machines to mitigate some common vulnerabilities. With this refresh we will also update a number of boxes and scenarios with more recent vulnerabilities. We will start the lab refresh with lab machines 7 Web01-Prd and 11 Helpdesk, the first machine will be active on the lab environments in the course of next week.

More information about the lab refresh and specific machine updates will be posted in the news section on the website and will also be visible on the reset panels.