VHL Certification

IT Certification is the process of earning an official document that demonstrates an individual’s competency in a specific area of IT. Most certifications are obtained by completing a written or practical exam or combining both. In the IT security and penetration testing field, many certifications contain at least a practical exam where a student must complete specific objectives in an online network environment, such as pen testing a network of machines or a web application. The student must complete the objectives within a specific timeframe and is often monitored by a proctor if the exam is proctored. Failing an exam is, in most cases, a costly setback because most certification bodies charge fees for exam retakes (or include them in the initial exam fee). All these things make an exam a stressful and potentially costly event.

At the Virtual Hacking Labs, we do this differently. The moment you start with the first page of courseware and access the online lab environment, you are in the process of obtaining your VHL certification. All requirements to obtain your VHL Certificate of Completion are performed during your active membership. With VHL, you can work on your certification at your own pace, at the time and place that suits you best. No mysterious individuals are recording your video and audio in your private space through your webcam, and there are no high exam fees or retake fees. All costs are included in your VHL membership. When completing the certification requirements, you must create a professional-looking report with your lab progress and required proof, such as screenshots and key files. The required proof is to validate that you completed the machines in the lab environment and will be used to verify your competency in penetration testing.

Does this mean that VHL is against official exam formats in the current IT certification market? Absolutely not! We believe there are many good ways to test someone’s skills, including traditional exam formats, practical assignments, written reports, projects, and presentations. We believe that with the current market offering of courses, certifications and training, you can choose the form that best suits you at that time for a specific subject or purpose you have with the certification. At VHL we offer you the opportunity to do this at your own pace, location at a predictable price.

Does the VHL method of examination sound appealing to you? Do you like to work independently on your skills, competencies, and certifications through an online platform with predictable costs? Are you preparing for expensive practical penetration testing exams? Then the following VHL certifications may be an interesting choice for you:

As we approach the end of the year, we at VHL would like to thank everyone for your support of our company in 2023. We are looking forward to see you again in 2024 and provide challenging learning content and certification opportunities!

I am writing my review of Virtual Hacking Labs after finishing the certificates for the first level penetration testing course as well as the Pro Lab. It has been an incredible learning experience and I believe that VHL provides an affordable and unparalleled environment for studying penetration testing.

Pro Lab Review December 2023