VHL Virtual Machine Update

Last week we updated the VHL pre-installed virtual machine images to the latest version of Kali Linux, which is version 2023.2. This version brings a lot of updates, such as desktop updates, menu updates and of course the latest versions of installed tools. More information about this release can be found on the official Kali Linux website here:


If you are currently using the VHL pre-installed 2021.4 virtual machine, you can upgrade to the 2023.2 version, but this is not required if you are comfortable with using the older version. Of course, you can also perform a full system update or update specific tools. It is recommended to make a backup of your virtual machine before performing a complete system upgrade. With this back-up you can always roll back to a working version of the virtual machine if things go wrong. You can create a back-up by simply copying the virtual machine folder to another location.

The latest version of the VHL pre-installed virtual machine can be downloaded from your user account. A version is available for VMWare and for Oracle VirtualBox.