6 Month pass

6 Month pass


6 months full access to our labs and courseware.

Available, delivered within 24h


The 6 month pass gives you 6 months full access to the VHL Penetration Testing courseware and the PT01 online penetration testing labs. You will have 6 months time to compromise at least 20 hosts in order to receive the VHL Certificate of Completion. After earning the Basic Certificate of Completion you’re ready to earn the Advanced+ Certificate of Completion by compromising at least 10 Advanced+ machines and 2 manually exploited machines of any level. The 6 month pass also includes the downloadable courseware e-book.

Memberships are processed and activated within 24 hours of purchase

The 6 month pass includes the following:

Options 6 Month pass
Lab Access (Beginner/Advanced/Advanced+) Yes
Months 6
Online Courseware Yes
Certificate of Completion Yes
Certificate of Completion Yes
Personal Reset Interface Yes
Downloadable Courseware (e-book) Yes
Pre-configured Penetration testing VM’s Yes, Kali Linux for VMWare or VirtualBox, Parrot OS