Month pass

Month pass


1 month full access to our labs and courseware.

Available, delivered within 24h


The month pass gives you a full month access to the VHL Penetration Testing courseware and the PT01 online penetration testing labs. You will have 31 days time to compromise at least 20 hosts in order to receive the VHL Certificate of Completion. After earning the Basic Certificate of Completion you’re ready to earn the Advanced+ Certificate of Completion by compromising at least 10 Advanced+ machines and 2 manually exploited machines of any level. The Certificates are included with the subscription at no additional cost. The month pass also includes the downloadable courseware e-book.

Memberships are processed and activated within 24 hours of purchase

The month pass grants a full month access to the Virtual Hacking Labs and includes the following:

Options Month pass
Lab Access (Beginner/Advanced/Advanced+) Yes
Days 31
Online Courseware Yes
Certificate of Completion Yes
Advanced+ Certificate of Completion Yes
Personal Reset Interface Yes
Downloadable Courseware (e-book) Yes
Pre-configured Penetration testing VM’s Yes, Kali Linux for VMWare or VirtualBox, Parrot OS