January 2018

“After passing my CEH, I decided to gain some hacking experience with Virtual Hacking Labs and I have to say it was the best choice I could make. Congratulation to the VHL’s team who did a great job to set up a challenging environment. The good thing is you won’t find spoilers on the internet and I really appreciated that because that’s the only way you can learn something.

Each machine is offering different aspects of penetration testing, various OS and different levels of difficulties. If needed, you can access short hints or review the part of the course related to the machine you are working on. The connexion through VPN is fast and reliable, you can reset the environment anytime and in case you need extra support, the team is reactive. The course is updated and enriched regularly. It is a really good value for money. I recommend without hesitation.”

Erwan LC

December 2017

“After completing several VulnHub boxes I felt that in this way I won’t be prepared enough to start PWK/OSCP course so I look around and luckily found Virtual Hacking Labs, and it was very spot on. Why?

You’ve got access much like in PWK course to computer network with more 30+ machines ready to be rooted. Their difficulty scale from Beginner, Advanced and Advanced+. In the network you will find variety of systems like Linux, Windows, even Android. You can train many techniques LFI/RFI, RCE exploits, finding miss configurations, crack weak credentials and pwn vulnerable services.

Moreover you gets very nicely prepared coursware in PDF format (265 pages long) where hacking tools and techniques are described in details. Regarding support team is very friendly helpful, their response  time is very fast in case of troubles.

To get to the conclusion I highly recommend Virtual Hacking Labs, beside above pluses everything is in very affordable price. I definitely feel more confident to move forward with my goals.”

Tomasz Wybraniec (hal9k2)

November 2017

After completing my 20th machine with Virtual Hacking Labs, I have enjoyed it so much that I thought I must pass on great words on what an outstanding learning resource it is. I am a windows guy and did not know a lot about Linux world, and I must admit, at first I was really scare when I chose VHL as an education resource for my journey to become a pentester. However, not a day went by that I did not enjoy the challenges, questions and the joy that I have when I get my first box. If I had to summarize it in one sentence, I would say extremely well written educational site about windows, Linux and web application pentesting that caters to all skill levels and make learning easy and enjoyable. With an incredibly affordable price to learn, just US99 per month, I can play and learn from exploiting windows, Linux, android and web application. If you are uncertain whether or not, this is what you need, you can check out the free course sample.

What you can expect to learn from Virtual Hacking Labs:

  • Step by step penetration testing with discover and probing, enumeration, exploit. (modifying the exploit to fit your need, yeah 🙂 I learnt quite a lot from it)
  • Tools that are necessary for your pentesting lab.
  • Fun challenges that make you think of real world scenario, and of course, capture the flag experience for yourself.
  • Advanced penetration testing that often leads to webshell and remote code execution.

I have OSCP course material in my hands, and honestly, in some parts, VHL provide much clearer explanation and really good examples so you can practice with 33 lab machines that you have. In conclusion, I really really like the material, the lab and highly recommend it.

Peter Phu

November 2017

“Virtual hacking labs is an absolute gem. I’m a professional penetration tester and have tried nearly all available hacking labs to date. I’ve done the PWK/OSCP by Offensive Security, CoreLabs by Core Impact, EC-Council CEH iLabs, HackTheBox, and a very large chunk from VulnHub. Plus, other available paid or free resources. I can say with absolute confidence that VirtualHackingLabs is by far the single best resource to either prepare for your OSCP or to otherwise propel your offensive cybersecurity career. These boxes aren’t stale like their competitors. From the necessary educational foundation that is required to the real-world attack driven scenarios, VHL provides it all and has certainly raised the bar. VHL is truly the only available solution providing well-maintained, modern, and highly educational hacking labs that don’t break the bank. As much as I love hackthebox and other free alternatives, they won’t prepare for for real-world scenarios. Most pen-testers will tell you they learn the most from an actual engagement and not necessarily from books and write-ups. This is what Virtual Hacking Labs and Offensive-Security successfully replicate. The only labs that can hold a preverbal touch to VHL is the PWK. However Virtual Hacking Labs is a fraction of the cost and in my option much more user friendly.

I like Virtual Hackings Labs system of ranking machines from Beginner, Advanced, and Advanced + and relevant hints. The hints are great for the beginners and are less specific as the difficultly increases. In my opinion this is very important. Whether it be a virtual hacking environment (PWK or VHL) or a real-world engagement, most of the “learning” is done either directly before or directly after gaining a limited-shell or escalating privileges. And with VHL’s ranking and hint features the newer student can progress faster and more efficiently without sacrificing their learning experience.”

Robert Houtenbrink

October 2017

“I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Virtual Hacking Labs for creating a fun and challenging lab environment. I have used other pen test labs and I can say with confidence that this is the best value for your money. The team at VHL was quick to respond to any questions that I had. In the two months that I have used the labs I have seen many features being added which shows that the student experience will only get better with time. I have added many things to my bag of tricks while pounding on the machines in the lab. Each one is well thought out and there are hosts ranked from beginner to advanced so that when your skills increase the challenge stays the same.”

Robert Surace

October 2017

“This lab was the most exciting training exercise I’ve ever done. Your team has done an excellent job, during the short 2 months I’ve been working in the lab I noticed several changes and even an additional machine. Thanks again for adding the “Lab Progress” bar. When I made that request I didn’t think it would happen, especially not within a week of the request.”


Charles Alexander

September 2017

“Looking for a new challenge to train my pentesting skills, I discovered Virtual Hacking Labs. To start of with, I was positively surprised with the course material. It is very accessible and even though I have some prior experience, I definitely gained the necessary extra knowledge.

Of course, the labs were the place to go. And here I spent the necessary hours of learning, trying, frustration and joy. In the beginning I was able to quickly root some of the boxes familiar to me. After that it got more difficult. There’s still even a handful of boxes left where I have absolutely NO clue on what to do. So I can also recommend the labs for someone more experienced looking for a new challenge.

During the course I got to know a lot of vulnerable software. That was really nice, practical, and a change from more CTF-oriented challenges out there.

The VHL staff has done a terrific job on this course and seem to be constantly updating the materials. I’d like to thank them for providing this opportunity to further sharpen one’s pentesting skills!”

Jules Adriaens

September 2017

Thanks to you for an excellent course and lab!! I enjoyed it very much and it was very entertaining to do it. Everyone should try it !! 

Sergio Romero

September 2017

Thanks VHL team for providing a lab environment that is fun, conducive to learning and developing new skills and methods … and also challenging. I am a total noob when it comes to offensive security and found the instruction manual friendly enough for me to digest and work through. The support team are also very helpful and I have noticed the course material is updated regularly. I recommend this to anyone starting out or interested in offsec.

Ivan Davids

July 2017

I enjoyed hacking the VMs you had available. I am a complete noob to Pentesting so I definitely found it very useful! I only wish I had more time. I popped all but one of the beginner boxes. That James server kicked my butt. I will most likely install that version in a VM and try to figure out what I was doing wrong.

Enumeration was definitely important as well as digging around in the applications once you got a foothold. I wish there were a way I could read the material before I had the lab access. Instead I read about 90 pages and just went for it. One thing that would be awesome is to figure out a way to let the student know how noisy they are in the server/application. In the real world I’m pretty sure I would have been noticed most of the time due to my excessive scanning with all the different tools.

Overall I loved it. Will most likely do it again as I really want to try OSCP but want to get some basics under my belt first. Thanks for your help and pointers.


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